Overcome Limitations & Transform Your Life -ONLINE...

Overcome Limitations & Transform Your Life -ONLINE...

5 sessions/ 1.5 hour a session



This one-to-one coaching cooperation addresses the area of Personal Transformation which involves topics such as:

  1. Changing your Mindset from a reactive to a proactive Mindself of Success
  2. Working on achieving goals and desires that you struggle to materialize
  3. Understanding your potential and working on expanding it
  4. Removing self-imposed Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thought Patters
  5. Dealing with Negative Habits and Patterns of Behaviour
  6. Setting Piorities - Decluttering your mind and Creating a space in your life for yourself and your personal goals

The topics are many and the list can go on, the main subject that links all of them has to do with understanding how our minds work and addressing a mind-set change.

These sessions are designed specificly for each individual as everyone has a unique approach, personality, goals and viewpoint as well as schedule. For some, it'd take only a few sessions to get on the track to achieving success in an area of your life which felt overwhelming and unsuccessful before. For others, the challenges may be more complex and you may prefer a long-term guiding cooperation. All based on the scope of work you want to do on yourself as well as your determination do to it.

I've got clients with whom I work regularly as well as those who seek mentoring at points when they need a slight push or first few stepping stones to then be able to continue with their self-development on their own. If you're unsure about what you're looking for precisely or what category you'd fall into, feel free to get in touch for a non-commital consultation where we'll go through these options together.


Contact details for your introductory phone call and any further questions or enquiries. You can contact me directly via +447388308499 or at [email protected]

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