Coaching vs Consulting - Comparison

Coaching vs Consulting - Comparison

These two types of professional service are often getting interchanged and confused, despite of not being the same. So here's a brief comparison outlining their main silimarities as well as underlining differences.

The obvious similarity between Coaching and Consulting is that both the disciplines support clients in achieving their goals (i.e. becoming more successful and effective), however both use very different tools for it. 



  • Provides expert advice based on a high level of expertise in a professional or technical field.
  • Consultant follows a certain pre-designed process to success with their clients as a template solution which is suitable to copy for multiple different clients (mostly businesses) with some tailored amendmends.
  • Consultant directs the client to achieving results by a clear advice, plan and structure. 


  • Provides guidance and support for people to find within themselves the answers and solutions they're looking to achieve. 
  • Coach has no universally applicable solution for everyone, but a blank canvas where the client drafts the action plan based on their own judgement and the given guidance.
  • Coach inspires, encourages and motivates the client to achieving results without giving advice. 

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