Solitude as a Space for Reflection - Reflection Guide

Solitude as a Space for Reflection - Reflection Guide

One of the greatest things solitude offers is a space for silent reflection. 


If you’re interested in doing your own solitude reflection, then continue reading. I put together a list of questions targeting different topics, areas of our life which are brilliant to focus on when we are alone as we’re in a perfect position to get unbiased and honest answers to what we’re asking. 


The only thing left to do is to open ourselves to the answers we receive.


Here are some example questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. How am I feeling precisely at this moment?
  2. Where do I feel this in my body? It is a pleasant bodily feeling?
  3. What is causing me to feel this? Was it a person, a situation I can recall?
  4. What if I just observe this emotion, if it were a pattern I could draw, how would it look like? What color would it have? How would it move?
  5. Is the feeling still there? Have I learned anything new about this feeling and experience?
  6. Am I happy where I am and do I feel satisfied with myself and my life at this point? 
  7. Does anything give me a feeling of heaviness? What is it? And why?
  8. What can I do about it? Do I have a control or an influence over the issue?
  9. What do I want? What do I really want? What do I not want?
  10. What have I been avoiding but needs my attention?
  11. What do I need the most right now?
  12. Am I being honest with myself?

Enjoy your experience. Share your feedback, thoughts and experience with me if you want. In case you’d like to get help with this process, reach out. I am excited for you about what this process will give you.

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