What to look for in a Coach?

What to look for in a Coach?

This market is vastly diverse, so you want to make sure you're working with the best people. What do you think then every coach should have? How to choose the best ones? Try to think of your own criteria and then compare it to the list below which represents my outlook.

1. Result and quality orientation - over process and quantity of content

What I find crucial as a Coach and a client is to see results when I work with them. We pay for the transformation we want to see in our lives, a.k.a. result, not a process to enjoy. Therefore, we should look for people who are result oriented and can clearly state what results to expect from a specific type of coaching. Also, it's important they understand the quality over quantity aspect such as giving a clear, simple and easy to follow guidance rather than overwhelming amount of content i.e. numerous materials, work-books which could demotivate, burden and confuse us as clients.

2. Personal touch - direct interaction over pre-recorded content

I believe in the power of personal connection. Unless we know people we work with as individuals, their unique story, approach, values, perspective, personality etc., we're biased to only give general guidance that may not affect them directly as they require a unique approach. Therefore, we fail to offer a transformation we promise if we're not personal enough. Getting to know your clients/ coach personally and working with them through direct face-to-face or online options increases the value drastically. There's also a role of indirect communication (facial expressions, tone of voice and gestures) which helps a coach to understand and support you better.

3. Experienced and qualified in their ''niche''

This point is clear enough. I believe in quality which can be proven and verified. Having a qualification in a coaching field practiced means that the person invested their time, money and energy to becoming an expert in their field. If they invested in themselves, they will also invest in you. And if they already helped others, they will be able to show that as well in a form of testimonials and verified reviews.

4. Personal connection with their niche and resonance

The connection they have to their niche, their personal journey and transformation they achieved itself is a sign they know what they're talking about and that they're able to do the same for you as their client. It's also important to feel a personal connection and resonance with your coach and be comfortable in their presence as you're going to work and keep on connecting with them on a regular basis. For you to speak the same language and communicate easily, getting understood by the coach while understanding what they're saying to you is crucial for your successful cooperation. Even if your style, approach and personalities differ.

5. Value for money - investing in the quality service

You should know what you're buying and why you're buying it from them. That means, you need to be able to see the value of the service you're investing it and see it as an investment in yourself in the first place. Everything we invest in ourselves pays off. And the value it has equals to how important the subject is for us. To look at the monetary value of the offer and compare it against other products/ services of a similar monetary value is not correct as the values of those things would most probably not match. If you are looking for a cheap service, then you will receive a cheap service. If you're investing in a value, that's what you will receive.

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