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Hi, I am Lucy and I welcome you to my coaching and consulting practice.

Before stepping into the world of business, I used to work in the corporate consultancy environment, in HR and Recruitment, for a long time.

This experience awakened my interest to help others find a meaning and fulfilment in what they do, both in life and career. Yet, my role focused on strict business goals didn't allow me to work with people in a complex and holistic way.

''I was fascinated by practical psychology, personal growth and development, and meaninful living since I can remember."

My experience with personal coaching and its impact on my life fueled my drive to pursue it professionally too. I enrolled in coaching training and qualified as a Transformation and Life Purpose Life Coach, the two fields that had the biggest impact on my life.

''When I started practising coaching by working with my first clients, it's felt so rewarding.''

The transformational experience with my consulting and coaching clients leading to positive personal, professional or business expansion outcomes is the reason why I set up the business and I am keen to support as many clients as I can with my expertise.

About LM Creative Solutions

'LM Creative Solutions' merges my passion for coaching with a longterm expertise in consultancy to provide:

  • Transformation Coaching
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • HR Advisory
  • Career Advisory

My business is based in London, but I work with clients all around the world thanks to globalization and current, increasingly expanding possibilities to deliver these services remotely.



Coaching is an action-focused discipline that targets progress and goal achievement through a two-way conversation. Coach doesn't give you advice or steps to follow, you create your own journey.

I work with individuals and groups both, delivering niche coaching programs within Transformation and Life Purpose Coaching, alongside taking clients in for one or few coaching sessions only.



Consultancy speaks for an expert advice supported by a clear evidence why it works.

Within HR Advisory, I support small and medium businesses with their Business and HR strategy and employer-employee relations. In Career Advisory, I advise professionals from various backgrounds and with different seniority, on their current career - career transition, its development and further growth in line with who they are and their future aspirations.


All services
All services


Transformation Coaching

Transformation coaching lies in letting you explore and overcome your limitations, so you can use your power for …

Life Purpose Coaching

Life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of our life—the reasons we get up in the morning. Knowing our …

'Therapeutic Art' Coaching

As our inner emotional world has a major impact over our mental and physical reality, it is important that we know how …


Career Advisory

Every employment and career path carries with it an amount of challenges to be addressed in a specific way. Now, …

HR Advisory

My HR Advisory services involve the topics as listed below:

Outsourced Recruitment

I execute the whole recruitment life-cycle that consists of identifying the job vacancy including clarification of key …


All products
All products
Coaching Programs
Coaching Blog

Coaching Programs

Overcome Limitations - Transform Your Life
per 1,5 hour session
Find Meaning and Purpose to Your Life
per 1,5 hour session
Therapeutic Art for Mental Clarity and Emotional Balance
per 2,5 hour session

Coaching Blog

What Coaching does and doesn't?
What to look for in a Coach?
The Origins of Today's Coaching
How to silence your inner critic
How to cope with challenges?
Work towards your failures, not victories

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8 Reviews

Zuzana Kostúrová

26 August 2021

26 August


Hi there! Under the coaching guidance and supervision of Lucy, I was able to find a way to navigate my life. Lucy helped me to find that what gives me fulfillme...
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Nadja Dudek

07 February 2021

07 February


During our coaching Lucy managed to help me see things I had never considered before and showed me methods and empowering tools how I can turn my life around - ...
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