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Hi and welcome to my coaching and consulting practice!

My name is Lucy, I come from Slovakia, yet I've been living in London for the last couple of years. Before stepping into the world of business, I used to work in the corporate environment - in HR and Recruitment Consultancies, for a long time.

My consultancy experience was a great introduction to what I truly wanted to do. It awakened my interest to help others find a meaning behind what they do - in life and career. Yet, I couldn't fully utilize my potential and natural talents within a role focused on strict business goals with a minimum emphasis on the individual, and that was leaving me feel unfulfilled. I knew I could do so much more if my hands were free to focus on people's self-development and progress in a complex and holistic way.

''I was fascinated by the practical psychology, personal development and growth, including mindful and purposeful living since I can remember.''

I left the corporate world then and became a freelance HR Consultant which enabled me to work with individuals much more meaningfully. In the meantime, I discovered the power and impact of life coaching and I loved what I've learned through it. That fueled my drive to pursue it professionally too. Soon after, I signed up for coaching studies and training to qualify as a Life Coach in the fields that resonated the most and had the biggest impact on my life - Transformation and Life Purpose Coaching.


''When I started practising coaching by working with my first clients, it's felt so fulfilling. I knew that I found what I was looking for.''

The experience I had and that of my clients has been the reason why I am in this practice today and I am looking forward to support as many people as I can. It has proven to be my life purpose.

''LM Creative Solutions'' merges my passion for coaching with expertise in consulting. It speaks for my brand and personal, creative and innovative approach through which I provide: 

  •  Transformation Coaching
  • HR and Career Consultancy

But more about the two services bellow.

Transformation Coaching

''A role of a Coach lies in supporting clients' progress in achieving specific personal or professional goals, by providing them with adequate guidance, encouragement and techniques to self-improvement.''


Progress comes through self-improvement and that requires accountability. A coach becomes their client's accountability partner, making sure they keep moving ahead.


On top of that, progress is achieved by our ability to look at things from a different perspective than we normally access and taking decisions from there.


Our perspective is often limited because when we face a difficult situation, the gravity of it and our emotional attachment to the problem is covering our full vision. A Coach points us in a direction to see new perspectives.

What Transformation Coaching with me does?


It kick-starts your self-improvement, growth and progress through your personal transformation. 


It helps you:

  • Understand yourself on a core level - your inner power, values, drives, desires, potential, motivations, personality, interests, passion, talents and skills, important life experiences that shaped you etc., 
  • Remove your self-imposed limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, silence your inner critic, 
  • Shift your mindset from a reactive to proactive thinking and create a mindset which enables you to achieve your goals,
  • Set clear priorities to achieve your goals and create a reality you want to live
  • Discover your unique vocation
    - life purpose and become who you were born to be
  • Become more grounded, happy, open-minded, mindful and at peace with yourself with the help of powerful coaching methods

''Coaching is not a work someone does for you, I provide you with all the tools and support you need. But you are the one to grow into your own hero. Noone else can do it for you.''


I am a certified Transformation, Life Purpose and Art Therapy Coach by Transformation Academy. Beyond the coaching tools and techniques, I use my intuition and therapeutic art to help clients boost their confidence, get mental and emotional clarity, change their mindset, release stress and anxiety, heal emotional pain, let go of self-imposed limitations, attain well-being and live joyfully while reaching their potential.

''When I discovered just how beneficial having the right guidance and support is, I started passing it forward to help others grow.''

HR & Career Advisory

About HR Advisory

''HR Consultancy is a professional advisory given to businesses regarding their overall HR strategy and employer-employee relations. This involves Employee Recruitment, Training, Development and Retention as well as topics involving Employee Contracts, Compensation and Benefits.''


I support small and medium businesses with their Business and HR strategy and employer-employee relations, 

  • Following an efficient process to achieving results,
  • To ensure their goals are met and their organisation's potential exceeded,
  • Whatever the size, age or industrial specifics.  

Every business is unique, each with its own intricacies and complexities. My approach is to:

  • Understand the business specifics,
  • Clarify clients requirements,
  • And analyze the obstacles,

to provide a bespoke strategic solutions that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

About Career Advisory

''Career Advisory means advising professionals on their career situation and further career growth and progress.''


I work with and advise clients: 

  • From various backgrounds
  • With different levels of experience and qualifications 
  • At various points of their career-life 
  • With specific career directions, needs and aspirations. 


Clients are usually looking to:

  • Understand the current job market and their employment possibilities better,
  • Find a new job after a career transformation and transition,
  • Have a more suitable career to their skill-set, personality and natural talents,
  • Know what direction to go when looking for a new role,
  • Progress professionally while doing a more meaningful work,
  • Extend their qualifications.


Feel free to reach out to me if you're looking to get a clarity and answers to some of the points above.


All services
All services
Transformation Coaching
HR & Career Consultancy
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Transformation Coaching

HR & Career Consultancy

~ Coaching Blog ~



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Saoud A.

Thank you so much for the yesterday's sesson. It was very powerful for me. You helped me to clear my mind and get a clarity about my direction. Thank you for what you're doing!

Alzbeta B.

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