'Therapeutic Art' Coaching

'Therapeutic Art' Coaching

As our inner emotional world has a major impact over our mental and physical reality, it is important that we know how to deal with our feelings and process our e-motions correctly. To become proactive, not reactive and make sure that we have a control over our emotions, not our emotions having a control over us.

Art has been used throughout human history as an effective therapeutical instrument to express, understand and process our emotions in a creative and proactive way, especially because our minds understand the abstract and symbols better than the language. Art enables us to connect to the deeper levels of ourselves through our subconscious mind and so heal and release past emotional pain, reduce stress, increase creativity, our intuition and self-esteem, find clarity and meaning and by that gain and maintain balance, peace and a joyful state of being.

Every workshop will give you a better understanding of the Art Therapy process and it's benefits and will learn some of the most helpful tools and techniqes to use Art Therapy yourself in the comfort of your own environment in the future.


  • Opening with a guided meditation

A guided meditation allows us to relax and be fully present for the workshop by releasing the unnecessary thoughts, worries and stress. It also sets an intention in us to open up, explore and experiment with the art activities authentically and without judgement.

  • Individual art work 

There's a choice of creative exercises to work on while receiving a guidance from the mentor. You have a choice of various mediums and tools to work with. You can choose drawing with pencils, crayons, painting with watercolours or acrylics, colouring with various mediums, creating a collage, creative writing etc.

I use some of the ancient therapeutic techniques such as sacred geometry - specific shapes and configurations, materials, various mediums, colours and symbols considered re-balancing, calming and healing.  

  • Sharing experience with the mentor

Every person has their own way, vision and unique experience and sharing enables to understand the deeper causes of your creative mindful process. To get inspired and learn something new about yourself and your creative power from the perspective of therapeutical arts.

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