Transformation Coaching

Transformation Coaching

Transformation coaching lies in letting you explore and overcome your limitations, so you can use your power for achieving your goals and dreams.

''A role of a Coach lies in supporting clients' progress in achieving specific personal or professional goals, by providing them with adequate guidance, encouragement and techniques to self-improvement.'' 


Progress comes through self-improvement and that requires accountability. A coach becomes their client's accountability partner, making sure they keep moving ahead. 


On top of that, progress is achieved by our ability to look at things from a different perspective than we normally access and taking decisions from there. 


Our perspective is often limited because when we face a difficult situation, the gravity of it and our emotional attachment to the problem is covering our full vision. A Coach points us in a direction to see new

What Transformation Coaching with me does? 


It kick-starts your self-improvement, growth and progress through your
personal transformation. It helps you:

  • Understand yourself on a core level - your inner power, values, drives, desires, potential, motivations, personality, interests, passion, talents and skills, important life experiences that shaped you etc.,  
  • Remove your self-imposed limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, silence your inner critic,  
  • Shift your mindset from a reactive to proactive thinking and create a mindset which enables you to achieve your goals, 
  • Set clear priorities to achieve your goals and create a reality you want to live 
  • Discover your unique vocation - life purpose and become who you were born to be 
  • Become more grounded, happy, open-minded, mindful and at peace with yourself with the help of powerful coaching methods 

''Coaching is not a work someone does for you, I provide you with all the tools and support you need. But you are the one to grow into your own hero. Noone else can do it for you.''

I am a certified Transformation Coach by Transformation Academy. 

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