Career Advisory

Career Advisory

Every employment and career path carries with it an amount of challenges to be addressed in a specific way. Now, challenges are in fact opportunities wrapped up in a wrap of difficulty. Some of us have a natural ability to recognize this and uncover the best approach and solutions to difficulties, however, that's not the case for everyone.  


Whether it's a common career move, entering the job market or a complete career transition you're considering, these can all be very stressful and overwhelming steps to take if not approached in a right way, with a good strategy and action plan. 

My personal Career Advisory session provides you with a new, fresh perspective on your current situation and a set of ideas how you can approach the challenge to bring away satisfactory long-term results.

The topics usually covered are related to:

  • finding a suitable career,
  • building confidence and self-empowerment to make a transition,
  • progress in an existing career,
  • approaching a dream job,
  • lack of motivation, or interest in a job
  • overall insecurity about one's role or career development.

They also address help with your application process:

  • advising on Resume and Cover Letter writing
  • building and improving your professional networking profiles (LinkedIn/ Xing)
  • job interview preparation and hiring tips

My consulting session takes around 1,5 hours per meeting and is based on your requirements and level of experience. My clients are graduates as well as Senior Managers and Executives.

Please get in touch for an introductory phone call, and any further questions or enquiries. You can contact me directly via +447388308499 or at [email protected] 

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