HR Advisory

HR Advisory

My HR Advisory services involve the topics as listed below:

  • HR strategy - set up, development and transformation,
  • Employee Recruitment - advisory with, support in the process, or its overall execution,
  • Employee Training, Development and Retention - drafting the plans for teams and departments and executing them, carrying out employee trainings and team coaching,
  • Employee Contracts, Compensation and Benefits - advising with drafting, changing or improving employee contracts, compensation and benefits schemes to reflect company's business model and strategy including its values and goals as well as the role requirements and objectives.

I hold a Complete Advanced Human Resources Diploma, CPD Certified, that covers the topics mentioned above.

Whichever of the subjects is relevant for you, we'll look at them individually, one by one and find the most suitable approach relevant for your company and the solution that suits you, your teams and the business in general.


Please get in touch for an introductory phone call, and any further questions or enquiries. You can contact me directly via +447388308499 or at [email protected] 

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