Overcome Limitations -  Transform Your Life  (One-to-One)

Overcome Limitations - Transform Your Life (One-to-One)

5 sessions/ 1.5 hour a session


One-to-one 'Personal Transformation' coaching involves:

  1. Changing your Mindset from a reactive to a proactive Mindself of Success
  2. Working on achieving goals and desires that you struggle to materialize
  3. Understanding your potential and working on expanding it
  4. Removing self-imposed Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thought Patterns
  5. Changing Negative Habits and Patterns of Behaviour
  6. Setting Piorities - Decluttering your mind to create a space in your life for yourself and your personal goals

This is only an outline of the topics we can work on together as everyone's personal list differs and could be more extensive.

The main trait of all these subjects has to do with getting you to understand how your mind works and addressing a mind-set change.

Further information

Sessions are designed specificly for each individual as we're all unique in terms of our approach (structured, chronological, organic, spontaneous or flexible), personality, perspective as well as our priorities and schedule differs.

For some, it may take only a few sessions to get to the root of the problem and on the track of achieving goals in an area that felt overwhelming and unsuccessful before. For others, shifting may be more complex as a part of a deeper set of inner challenges and thus, a long-term coaching cooperation may be beneficial. In the end, all is based on the scope of work you want to do on yourself and your determination do to so.

My clients portfolio is a mixture of both alternatives, regular longterm clients as well as those who seek mentoring at certain points in their life when they require clarity, an extra push over the first stepping stones to then continue actioning on their own. If you're unsure about what you're looking for precisely or what category you fall into, lets get and we'll go through these options together during our first free 30 mins consultation.

Contact me directly at [email protected] to book your introductory phone call or with further questions.

Payment options available: PayPal, direct bank transfers

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